Two of eighteen paintings that were exhibited in Kikar Gallery, Old Jaffa, October 98.
oil on canvas: 1.20m x 1.00m

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"Earth, Human, Sacrifice.
Flavor of roots and odor of blood.
The youth was willing.
Was Avraham ready?
Four mothers, three fathers.
Tears are blooming.
And we - wept, are weeping and will weep?
And I say; 'life is hope'. "


This exhibition consists of 18 (chai) works of art on the "sacrifice" subject; from the sacrifice of Isaac, in the course of History till...
Day after day individuals must constantly face the same dilema that Avraham had to face when answering God's demand.
We live in a state of conflict and anxiety as individuals, as parents and as members of society, sacrificing what we value most, for our religion or country.
What price did the fandering fathers pay for "making the desert bloom"?
What is the price of our idealism? and are we willing and able to pay this price? Can the cracks in our values be repaired?
"Out of context" is about the story of Man, the colors of Earth, the Myths and popular-wisdom sayings.

Karmela Berg
Kikar Gallery

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