The Insight of Nature

Beijing Museum of Natural History

We see nature as the perfect creation, magnificent and fascinating. Nature is the force binding the world and its peoples together – in its beauty and in its ferocity. Indeed, the massive natural disasters of the past year must lead each of us to reconsider his relation to the forces of nature, to preserve the balance between ourselves and our environment, and the wholeness of our surroundings. Each of the six artists in the exhibit: Ronit Agassi, Boaz Arad, Karmela Berg, Tova Berlinski, Neta Dor (lemelshtrich) and Avi Sperber, brings his or her personal expression of the cycles of nature and their reflections in the artist’s soul.

Curator: Karmela Berg

Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts - Tianjin, China

In May 2006 the exhibition "Insight of Nature" was presented in Tianjin.

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