Karmela Berg

Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Her works have been presented in solo and group exhibitions.
Member of sevral international associations, such as IAC Barcelona, AAIAA Sweden and Kokusai Bijutsu Japan.
Graduate of "Kalisher Art School" Tel-Aviv.
Holder of B.A. degree in History and Philosophy from the Tel-Aviv University. B.A. from Jerusalem Department of Music Academy.
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Selected museum exhibitions

"La passion de l'edition", Musee Roybet Fould, Paris, France, 2012
Beijing Museum of Natural History, Beijing, China,2006
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 2004, Japan. Awarded Gold Medal.
Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, Kobe 2004, Japan. Awarded Fine Arts prize.
Municipal Museum, Tokyo, Japan. Awarded honor prize.
The Kurashiki Municipal Fine Arts Museum, Kurashiki, Japan.
Nagoya Fine Arts Municipal Museum. Awarded Fine Arts prize.
Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, Massachusettes.
Museo del Ciudad, Guadalajara, Mexico.
Ethnographical Muzeum of Transilvania, Romania.
Bar-David Museum, Baram, Galilee.
"KOBE 2003", Fine Arts Municipal Museum, Kobe, Japan.
National Museum of Fine Arts, Nankin, China.
Inner Mongolia Museum of Fine Arts, Huhhot City, China.

Selected solo exhibitions

1996Solo show "Oasis" in Kikar Gallery, Old Jaffa.
1998"Out of Context", Kikar Gallery, Old Jaffa.
Painting and sculpture with Avi Shperber, Beit Ha'amanim in Ashdod.
1999"You Can't Miss It", Beit-Habad Gallery in Ein-Hod.
2000"2000", ZERO Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
2001The Jerusalem Centre for the Performing Arts, Jerusalem.
2003"Drawers And Other Odd Corners", Yahalom Theatre, Ramat Gan.
2004"Chat", Pais-Eshkolot, Ramat Gan.
2006"Country Road", Inter Disciplinary Institute of Science and Art, R-G.
2007"Drawers at Kineret", Beit Gavriel Gallety, Tzemah, Israel.

Selected group exhibitions

1997Group exhibition in the "Inter-Disciplinary Institute of Technology and Art" in Holon.
Group exhibition in the "Inter-Disciplinary Institute of Technology and Art" in Holon.
1998Group exhibition in the "Inter-Disciplinary Institute of Technology and Art" in Holon.
"Small is Big II", ZERO Gallery in Barcelona, IAC (International Art Collective).
1999"Miniature VI", Sulegaarden Gallery in Denmark.
"This Land Of Ours", Tzavta, Tel Aviv.
"The Mondak Heritage Center", USA.
"On The Brink Of...", Israel Painters & Sculptures Association, Tel-Aviv.
2000"Milestones for Peace", The International Artists' Museum.
I.A.C., "Barcelona - Holon".
International Art Exhibition in Awaji, Florart 2000, Japan.
Nineteenth Annual Miniature, Colorado, USA.
"Memory & Memoirs", Yad Lebanim, Hasharon.
"Green And Not Cement", Beit Bialik, Tel-Aviv.
"Duchamp Travelling Exhibition", New York, Poland, Germany, Israel.
"Sixth Biennial of Miniature Arts", Yugoslavia.
"World Festival of Art on Paper", Slovenia.
"Jaffa Art 2000 Summer Festival", Old Jaffa.
"International Postcard Exhibition", Ethnographical Muzeum of Transilvania, Romania.
"World Graphics 2000", Stockholm, Sweden.
Works on paper, National Museum of Fine Arts ,Nankin, China.
International Exhibition, Municipal Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
2001"21 Mini Print Internacional de Cadaques", Spain.
Galleri Sulegaarden, Denmark.
"Underground", Artist Shelter, Old Jaffa.
The 6th International Annual of Miniature Art, Art Addiction Sweden.
"Duchamp Travelling Exhibition", Istanbul Biennial, Venice Biennale.
"The Kurashiki Municipal Fine Arts Museum", Kurashiki, Japan.
"Ex-Libris", Gilwice 2001, Poland.
Biennale Internazionale del'Arte Contemporanea, Firenze, Italy.
International Exhibition, Municipal Museum, Tokyo, Japan.
2002Europ'Art, Paris, France.
"Freedom", Hanita Museum.
"22nd Mini Print Internacional de Cadaques", Spain.
"Coaster Project - The World", Fuller Museum, Brockton, Massachusettes.
5th International of small pictures, SAMAP-France.
"ITALY 2002", 4th Minigraphic & Painting, Pisa, Italy.
Nagoya Fine Arts Municipal Museum, Japan. International Exhibition.
Who's-who International, "In Praise of Contemporary Art", Centre Peugeot, Paris, France.
"Christmas Mail", Gallery Ripustus, Hameenlinna, Finland.
2003"23nd Mini Print Internacional de Cadaques", Spain. *
"6th International of small pictures, SAMAP-France. *
"ITALY 2003", 5th Minigraphic & Painting, Pisa, Italy.
"International Put and Take", Galleri Sulegaarden, Denmark.
"Annual Brewster Project", Brewster, NY.
"Abstra", Akros Gallery Bilbao Spain.
Kobe Fine Arts Municipal Museum, Japan. International Exhibition.
"The Wandering Library", Jewish Museum, Venice, Italy.
20045th Biennale D'Arte Sacra, Siena, Italy.
International Art Exhibition, Fine Arts Municipal Museum, Kobe, Japan.
Abstra Group, Stockholm, Sweden.
Tile Project, Destination-The World. Trance cultural exchange, New York.
Tile Project, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Ren Ten Art Exhibition, IAC, Tokyo, Japan. Awarded Fine Arts prize.
Gallery Astel, Abstra, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2005International Mini Print Biennial, Cluj, Romania.
1st International Turkish Grameen Micro-Credit Art Biennial, Ankara
Tokyo fine Art Municipal Museum, International Art, Japan.
Small size Art, Ripustus Gallery, Hameenlinna, Finland.
The Tile Project, Cultural center Of Philippines, Philippines.
The Tile Project, Chinchon, Spain.
2006"The Insight of Nature", Beijing Museum of Natural History, China.
Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, "The Insight of Nature", China.
The 6th biennale D'Arte Sacra, Siena, Roma, Italy.
Kobe 2006, International exhibition, Japan. Awarded Fine Arts Prize
Bucks 21 contemporary Art, Marlow, England.
Abstra Group, Art Gallery+Art Se, Stockholm, Sweden.
2007Drawers at the Galil, Bit Gavriel, Zemah, Israel.
Marina Haddad, Artist Book, with the poet Dahlia Ravikovich.
200823 Artists Israeliennes, Espace Rachi, Paris.
Anthology Femmes Artistes d'Israel, Edition Caracteres, Paris.
Salon du Livres Paris, artists book, Paris.
Huntenkunst 2008, Doetinchem, Holland.
Artists Books, U WM, Golda Meir Library, Milwaukee, USA
2009"Freshpaint", post cards, Tel Aviv
Artist-books, display at Boston College, Art Library, Boston USA
"Waterfall", Nave Gallery, Somerville, Boston, USA
"Waterfall", Ripustus Gallery, Finland
Akros Gallery, Bilbao, Spain
Huntenkunst, International Art Fair, Doetinchem, Nederlands
"Chatan- Kala", archeological museum, Old Jaffa
2010-2011"Knowing you knowing me", A-huset, Uppsala, Sweden.
"Femmes et Memoires", Espace Culturel- Memoire de L’Avenir, Paris, France.
"WATERfall", Machon Hamaim, Givataim Israel.
"Knowing you knowing me" Hampden Galeries, Amherst, USA,
"knowing you knowing me", Galerie Werfkada 16, Hoogezand, The Netherlands.
Markers and Mapping 2011, Internalional Artists’ Museum, Contemporar Art Space, Venice , Italy.
2012"La passion de l'edition michel nitabach", Musee Roybot Fould, Paris, France.
Huntenkunst 12, contemporary art, SSP-Hal, Ulft The Netherlands.
10th anniversary "Coaster Project", Toronto's 2012 Cultural Works Festival, Canada.

Member of associations

International Art Collective in Barcelona
Art Addiction International Art Association
Flash Art, visual museum
Kusai Bijutsu, Japan
Abstra, Sweden
Trans Cultural Exchange, Boston


TransCultural Exchange Announces Global Conference 2013
Articles: "http://www.downtownexpress.com/de_85/amendingfence.html", http://thevillager.com/villager_87/amendingfencepieces.html
http://www.huntenkunst.org http://www.transculturalexchange.org

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